Art therapy in the fight against oncohematological diseases in children

Art therapy is one of the main methods of work in the Rehabilitation Center for children with oncohematological diseases. Art therapy has a positive effect on children who have overcome cancer in several ways:
Emotional expression: Art therapy provides children with the opportunity to express their feelings and emotions through art, which helps them cope with the stress and anxiety associated with the illness.
Self-expression and self-confidence: Art stimulates creativity and boosts children's sense of self-confidence, helping them feel stronger and more secure.
Social connections: Art therapy supports the development of social connections in children, as group work provides them with an opportunity to share and interact with peers with similar experiences.
Recreation and entertainment: Art is a way for children to take time away from illness and have fun while focusing on the positive aspects of their lives.
Expressing hope and inspiration: The process of creating through art can be a symbol of hope and inspiration for the future for children, helping them to look forward, even in the most difficult times.

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