Exciting SHOW with large soap bubbles: once again captivating entertainment at the Recovery Center for children with oncohematological diseases

In the Recovery Center, a real event took place with the participation of large soap bubbles, which created a real show for all visitors to the center. Visitors were immersed in the magic of huge balloons that floated in the air, creating a unique atmosphere of fun and enjoyment.

The event, titled #BigBubbleinBulgaria, offered children and their families an incredible opportunity for fun and joy. From the creation of the big soap bubbles to their spectacular burst and floating in the air, every second was filled with joy and excitement.

The specially designed program with interactive activities, providing a unique experience for visitors. Each of them could participate in fun games related to the creation of their own soap bubbles and immerse themselves in the exciting atmosphere.

The hashtag #BigBubbleinBulgaria remained in the hearts of the participants as an exciting event that emphasized the need for joy and positive impact in everyone.

It was not only a big soap bubble show, but also an extraordinary event that helped create a positive and impactful environment at the Recovery Center.


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