Another upgrading training at the Recovery Center for Children with Oncohematologic Diseases

On February 21, 2022, in the implementation of the activity "Staff training - initial and upgrading" in the Rehabilitation Center for Children with Oncohematological Diseases was held the fourth in a row training on "Quality of social services". The one-day training is part of the activities implemented by the project BGLD-1.004-0001 "Rehabilitation Center for Children with Oncohematological Diseases", implemented by the Municipality of Kostinbrod under a grant agreement № BGLD-1.004-0001-C01, under the Local Development Program, poverty reduction and improved inclusion of vulnerable groups ", funded by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014-2021.
The training was conducted in two parts - in the first part the whole staff of the center took part, and in the second part - only the members of the team working directly with the users of the service. The lecturer was Dr. Sabina Sabeva, MD, member of the Management Board of the International Social Service-Bulgaria. Dr. Sabeva is a former director of the State Policy for Child Protection and International Cooperation and Programs Directorates at the State Agency for Child Protection with extensive analytical and practical experience in developing, providing and managing social services for children and families. - consultative and resident, actively participates in the development of the draft Ordinance on the quality of social services and the standards for the quality of social services.
The purpose of the training was to acquaint the team with the new Code of Ethics for employees performing activities for the provision of social services and discuss the quality of social services in terms of the Law on Social Services / LSA /, Regulations for the implementation of LSU and the draft Ordinance on the quality of social services. Emphasis was placed on the ethical norms introduced in 2021, which serve as a regulatory framework and determine the rules of conduct of employees engaged in management and provision of social services, contributing to increasing public confidence in the professionalism and morale of workers in the field of social services. They regulate the relations between employees and workers in various sectors, organizations and institutions, as well as towards the users of social services.
Акцент бе подставен на нововъдените през 2021 година етични норми, които служат като регулаторна рамка и определят правилата в поведението на служителите, осъществяващи дейности по управление и предоставяне на социални услуги, като допринасят за повишаване на общественото доверие в професионализма и морала на работещите в сферата на социалните услуги. Те регулират отношенията както между служителите и работещите в различните сектори, организации и институции, така и спрямо потребителите на социални услуги.

A special presentation introduced the participants in the training to the types of social services and their quality as "a set of characteristics of social services that meet the needs of those who use them and lead to prevention and / or overcoming social exclusion, realization of rights and quality improvement of life."
The draft Ordinance on the quality of social services was presented in detail, as well as the "Quality Development Program", which each social service provider should develop and implement. Part of the presentation and the subsequent discussion was the issue of control and monitoring of social services provided by the providers themselves, as well as the relevant activities for their organization and implementation.
The training was extremely useful for the team of the Rehabilitation Center. An analysis of the experience gained in the previous activity is to be made in order to achieve optimization of the activity, better efficiency and adaptation to the requirements of the regulations concerning the quality of social services.

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