Workshop at the Rehabilitation Center for Children with Oncohematological Diseases

On 13.12.2021 a workshop planned in the communication plan was held. It was attended by students with a master's degree in psychology who wish to volunteer at the Rehabilitation Center for Children with Oncohematological Diseases, as well as a candidate for the position of psychologist. Representatives of the Rehabilitation Center in the workshop were the manager of the center, two psychologists and an animator.

The workshop started with a short introduction, after which the manager of the center made a presentation, which introduced the audience to the organization of work and activities of the center. After the presentation, the participants asked many questions personally and professionally. They were particularly interested in working with siblings of children with oncohematological diseases and families who lost a child in the battle with cancer.

After a short break, the workshop continued as participants split into two working groups. In the first group, led by one of the center's psychologists, a case with a brother of a child with oncohematological disease was considered. The second group, led by another psychologist, is working on a case of a family that has lost a child. After the discussions, the groups presented the solutions of their cases and all together discussed the cases.

The last part of the workshop addressed the topic of volunteering in general and in the rehabilitation center in particular. Some of the participants shared their motivation to participate in the activities of the center as volunteers. They shared the benefits they would get if they volunteered: contributing to the cause, creative vent, sense of usefulness, new relationships and friendships, developing new skills, sense of belonging, public recognition, career guidance or development, personal pleasure. The association noted that volunteers are important to the organization because their efforts contribute to the realization of its mission. That is why the association must invest in the resources necessary for the development of volunteering and in the recruitment of volunteers, to motivate them, train them and respect their work.

Finally, all participants - guests shared their satisfaction with the workshop and said that they would be happy to volunteer in the activities of the Rehabilitation Center, and some of them expressed a desire to become part of the team in the future.

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