Project name: “Recovery center for children with oncohematological diseases”
Project number: BGLD-1.004-0001
Programme: Local development, poverty reduction and enhanced inclusion of vulnerable groups, financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism (EEA FM) 2014-2021.
Contract: № Д03-15/12.06.2020 and reg. № from ISMM 2020: BGLD-1.004-0001C01

Допълнително споразумение: № 1 от 02.02.2022 г. към договор № Д03-15/12.06.2020 и рег. № от ИСУН 2020: BGLD-1.004-0001-C01
Priority Axes: Increased Social and Economic Development in Disadvantaged Municipalities
Project Promoter:
Municipality of Kostinbrod – 1, Ohrid St., Kostinbrod
Program operator:
Ministry of Education and Science - 2A Knyaz Dondukov Blvd., Sofia

Financial information:
Безвъзмездна финансова помощ/Финансов инструмент 2 575 102,11 лева
Budget value in BGN:
Общо: 2 575 102,11 лв.
Финансиране от ФМ на ЕИП: 2 188 837,48 лв.
Национално финансиране: 386 264,63 лв.
Start of implementation: 15.07.2020
Duration: 45 месеца

Project description:

In Bulgaria, on average, about 200 children in the age between 0 and 18 have cancer. The chances of complete healing are between 65 and 85%. Treatment is long and difficult. Every child undergoing cancer treatment is a child at risk and there is a huge need for a period of mental recovery. Prolonged treatment, hair loss, frequent changes in appearance and limited social contacts lead to many psychological problems. Other children in the family experience no less stress than a sick child. They feel guilty and afraid of illness. As a result of the diagnosis, life in the family changes suddenly. These factors determine the target groups of the project - children and young people/survivors with onco-hematological diseases, their parents, siblings, and families who have lost a child in the battle with cancer. The purpose of the activities at the center is for the children and their families to regain their self-esteem, to overcome post-hospital parental control in a safe environment through specially prepared therapeutic programs and support groups. In addition to restoring normal communication between the child and the parent, the former patients' confidence in communicating with their peers will be worked on. Strategic games will help children learn to collaborate and understand each other's perspectives. Comprehensive work with children and their families will lead to a significant improvement in mental health, facilitation of re-socialization, easier adaptation to return to school, and consequently the elimination of the risk to the child. The stay in the center will be of different duration and will be organized in different ways - only children/young people; children and siblings; children with one companion (when they cannot be alone); whole families; families who have lost their child. The Recovery Center service is innovative. The main activities of the project are: study of good practices, preparation of methodology and work programs, provision of the service.

Main goal/s of the project:

The main objective of the project proposal is the successful introduction and provision of the "Center for Children with Oncohematologic Diseases" service. This service is new to Bulgaria and aims to help children and their families overcome stress, overcome isolation during prolonged and severe treatment and the consequences of it, engage the families of children and promote their successful social reintegration upon completion of the treatment.
The objective will be achieved by fulfilling the specific objectives of the project:

  • study of good practices implemented in such centers and cooperation with donor country and EU member organizations;
  • developing a methodology for the provision of services at the center. It will be developed in close cooperation with stakeholders and approved in accordance with the regulatory framework for the provision of social services. It will be guided by the following principles and values: guaranteeing the rights of the child; respect for the freedom of personal choice; respect for the right of children to express an opinion and to be heard; voluntary service; applying an individual approach; respect for differences and acceptance of people with disabilities; confidentiality; teamwork and inter-institutional cooperation; non-discrimination and gender equality, ethnicity, health status, age, etc .; guaranteeing equal access to a variety of activities; individual support to maximize the potential of children; awareness and choice;
  • development of completely new programs for work with different groups of users of the service based on the best practices studied and in accordance with the methodology. The programs for psychological rehabilitation aim at restoring suffering processes and modeling behaviors in children and parents. Social rehabilitation programs aim to support reintegration after treatment is completed. Therapeutic activities are aimed at enriching the child's personality, activating creative potential and creating emotional comfort. Working with other children in the family is aimed at overcoming the often hidden emotions and feelings during the grievous and prolonged illness of a brother or sister, or at the loss of a sick child - fear of getting sick, feeling guilty, helpless, not accepting the change of the lifestyle of the whole family. Working with parents and relatives of children with cancer focuses primarily on overcoming the over-concern for the child which emerged during treatment, encouraging the acceptance of the fact that the child is already healed and that family life must return within the pre-disease range. Assistance for parents who have lost their child in the battle with cancer will be provided through individual counseling and support groups in an environment other than home;
  • excellently trained and motivated professionals providing the service.

Contract Indicators:

1. Percentage of families (using the services of center for children with oncohematological diseases") satisfied with the provided services (program-specific indicator)

Target value total: 80%

A source of information:
Receiving feedback from families by completing specially designed questionnaires examining their satisfaction with the services provided at the center by the impact the therapeutic programs have had on them and children / young people.

2. Number of families using the services of the "Rehabilitation center for children with oncohematological diseases" (program-specific indicator)

Целева стойност общо: 100

A source of information:
The center user registry will be used as the source of this information.

3. Number of individuals from beneficiary country participating in exchanges with donor countries (individual indicator for procedure)

Target value total: 3

A source of information:
List of participants; travel documents - travel orders, boarding passes.

4. Methodology developed to provide rehabilitation services to children with oncohaemathological diseases (individual indicator for procedure)

Target value total: 1

A source of information:
A copy of the methodology.

5. Number of staff employed at the rehabilitation centre for children with oncohaemathological diseases (individual indicator for procedure)

Target value total: 10

A source of information:
Number of employment contracts, monthly payroll.